Historical Portfolio of  Custom Designed Lamps

      Our lamps have included antique cloisonné vases, porcelain lions, Japanese head rests, and just about anything that inspires us to wire.  We hand patina the new brass parts for the antique look and use UL listed parts.  Table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling shades and sconces are available.

    *As you browse through our portfolio please know that most shade designs can be repeated, while lamps are one of a kind.

    *Lamp Height is base to top with with the pictured shade.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view details and larger image.  

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cactus_and_curved_maple_leaf.jpg (5656 bytes) green_vase_and_picture_plant_hex.jpg (5781 bytes) headrest_and_dogwood_blossom_hex.jpg (7009 bytes) horn_and_dancing_girls_hex.jpg (6791 bytes) lion_and_face_the_lion_hex.jpg (7540 bytes)

orangeblack_vase_and_reedscattails_hex.jpg (6306 bytes)


black_iron_and_frenck_girls.jpg (5011 bytes) black_vase_and_sm_maple_curve.jpg (7523 bytes)

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iron_black_and_windoe_pane_hex.jpg (7202 bytes)
metal_vase_and_oak_leaf_hex.jpg (7045 bytes) metal_vase_and_oak_tree_cut_out_black_round.jpg (6810 bytes) patina_vase_and_floral_hex.jpg (6711 bytes) red_black_vase_and_reeds_cattails_hex.jpg (8185 bytes)

Donkey and Dragon Fly at Play.jpg (41402 bytes)

Patinad column vase and china wall shade.jpg (32181 bytes)


Flower_Petals.jpg (8174 bytes)