Custom Designed Table Lamps

      Our table lamps have included antique cloisonné vases, porcelain lions, Japanese head rests, and just about anything that inspires us to wire.  We hand patina the new brass parts for the antique look and use UL listed parts.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view details and larger image.

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spool_and_moma_hex.jpg (6198 bytes)

budda_and_wall_photo_square.jpg (7187 bytes)

statue_and_curved_maple.jpg (7885 bytes)

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cinnamon_stick_and_maple_leaf_shade_hex.jpg (8143 bytes)

closeney_vase_and_blue_paint_effects.jpg (10996 bytes)

metal_vase_and_sail_on_hex.jpg (8375 bytes)


square_weave_and_fish_paper_cut.jpg (6849 bytes)

round_pitcher_and_rock_tree_hex.jpg (7619 bytes)

silver_vase_and_silver_flare.jpg (7448 bytes)



nests_and_large_dogwood.jpg (7519 bytes)

Sunflower vase and Susan's String Shade.jpg (42276 bytes)

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